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Informations for drivers

The driver can inform us about his/her trip by phone, fax, e-mail, through internet , or personally from 7 to 1 day before the departure (if you let us know earlier it is better) and gives:
  • the destination of the ride, or possible cities where he/she can take the passangers
  • date and time of the departure, and prospective return
  • number of free seets
  • the address and phone number
  • kind of car, colour and licence number
  • meeting place

  • For the driver is the mediation free!
    Please, let us know prospective changes in your datas for the ride (any change, even the shift of the hour of the departure) as soon as possible on the phone number: 222 075 407.
    In case, we will not have a corresponding offer yet, your data will be inserted to our data-bank and the agency will contact you only when there is a suitable driver. Sharing a car is very advantageous and comfortable kind of travelling. You share the gass which you pay to the driver in the car and you pay a fee to the agency.